Ingredients: Collagen, Vitamin B12, Keratin

About Collagen Info

The glue that holds us together :  Collagen                                                                                                                 We talk about Collagen, we usually relate it to the skin, the importance of Collagen is not only for our skin, but it is also great for the hair and nails. It is also very important for looking after the structure or the connective tissue like tendons, cartilages and ligaments and joints in the body. SO, when you take Collagen you are not only helping the appearance of your skin.

The word Collagen is form the Greek word “Kolla” which means glue the suffix “gen” means producing Collagen. Collagen is a living protein and is the second most abundant protein in the body. As we age our Collagen levels decline and less is produced, the elastin fibres break get thicker and clump therefore losing the elasticity, by age 40 Collagen is depleted quicker than it is produced, by the time you are 60 over half of the body’s Collagen is depleted.

About our Collagen Capsules

As we age, Collagen in our body diminishes, collagen and Keratin are crucial in maintaining structure of the living organisms within the body.

Collagen “K” capsules, taken internally are absorbed into the small intestine, this way the collagen does not get lost in the body, it goes to where it is needed, helping to restore lost collagen. This starts to replace lost collagen by stimulating the body’s collagen process rejuvenating your body. 

This formula is a breakthrough with two key nutrients required for the support of the Skin, Hair and Nails. With extensive use of the Collagen Hydrosolate formula incorporating a compound called Complex K, this new exclusive ingredient is a food grade keratin. 100% Collagen “K” capsules will help you to feel younger, improve your skins elasticity, reduce fine lines, sagging skin and wrinkles. Collagen will help to knit your skin together, giving you better hair condition and strengthening your nails and helping your interal body.

Contains 90 capsules

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