Ingredients:- Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Olive Oil

This all-natural, unscented balm is a great all rounder. Use on your lips, hair, heels, hands, elbows, and even gently on your face if you have run out of your usual moisturiser. It applies smoothly, and is easily absorbed in all areas of dry skin. Beeswax is a natural emulsifier, which has been used since pre-historic times. It is nourishing to your skin, and helps to seal and protect the skin.  Cocoa butter is an emollient which acts as a water repellent. It protects, softens and lubricates the skin, making it ideal to sooth chapped and sore areas. It also relieves irritation, diminishes signs of wrinkling and stretch marks, and improves skin flexibility. Olive oil soothes, heals and lubricates the skin, and is deeply penetrating. These ingredients combine to create a barrier between your skin and the outside world, keeping harmful elements such as air pollution, cold and wind damage, at bay, whilst also nourishing your skin cells. 

Available in 50g plastic packaging.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 5 cm