Ingredients:- Aloe Vera Gel, Arnica Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

This is a gentle, soothing, cooling eye gel which is ideal for helping relieve tired, sore, putty or itchy eyes, eyes which have been exposed to too much sunlight, eyes strained from long driving or sitting at the computer, and many other ailments. The ingredients of .   Help to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes, reducing the appearance of tiredness, and making you look fresher and awake. The cooling ingredients help to soothe soreness, redness and irritated eyes, and help to relax the delicate skin around the eye. The ingredients are also nourishing, and help to soften lines around the eye, over time. Use twice daily for best results. 

Available in 15 grams Glass Packaging

Additional information

Weight .80 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm